I am a DARK Research Fellow at the Niels Bohr Institute at the University of Copenhagen, working primarily on supernovae and exotic extragalactic transients. I am heavily involved in several optical transient surveys, including the Young Supernovae Experiment,  ePESSTO/ePESSTO+, and the Dark Energy Survey.

My research is centred around all exotic transients and trying to understand what they are from a variety of different angles; from the behaviour of their lightcurves, to their spectroscopic properties, to the host galaxy environments in which they occur. I have a soft-spot for an extremely luminous subclass of supernovae called “Superluminous Supernovae”, but am interested in any transients which push our current understanding of physics and stellar evolution!

Before moving to Copenhagen, I was formerly a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Southampton (2017-2019). I completed my PhD in astrophysics in 2017 at the University of Warwick.

To find out a little more about me, my research and various miscellaneous facts, have a look on the pages linked above!